Standard Multi-Weigher

ELC Standard 10 & 14 Head Multi-Weighers

Our weighers are used in a wide variety of foods: Chips, Nuts, Cookies, Candies, Pasta, Baked Goods, Confectionary, Coffee, Pet Food, Spices & Seasonings, Fruits, Vegetables, and many more.

Product Information


  • Extremely accurate, fast, and reliable.
  • Load cell accuracy to 0.1 gram.
  • All heavy duty 304 Stainless steel sanitary construction.
  • All product contact parts are easily removed with out tools for easy cleaning.
  • Load cell on top cone to easily control product feeding via parameters in the HMI.
  • 10" color touchscreen (HMI).
  • Ready to interface with ELC Conveyor control panels. Simple to interface with other conveyors and systems.
  • Low pressure washdown rated.
  • 220 Volt 60W 1 Phase Standard (other voltages and power options are available).


  • 1.6 or 2.5L buckets.
  • 10 or 14 head models.
  • Timing hopper.
  • Positive air pressure for high pressure washdown.
  • Smooth or Dimpled finish for contact parts.
  • Too many other options to list. Contact us to help customize a weigher for your product.

Video Demonstration

10 Head Weigher Specs

Weight Range10-1000g
No. Weigh Heads10
Weigh Volume1.6L2.5L
HMI10" Color Touchscreen
Max Weigh Speed*65 WPM
Preset Programs200
Power220V 1PH/1000W/60Hz/10A
Material304 Stainless Steel

*Actual speed depends on product flow, target weight, and the speed of the attached filling equipment.

CAD drawing of an ELC 10 Head Weigher with a Timing Hopper

14 Head Weigher Specs

Weight Range10-1500g
No. Weigh Heads14
Weigh Volume1.6L2.5L
HMI10" Color Touchscreen
Max Weigh Speed*120 WPM
Preset Programs200
Power220V 1PH/1500W/60Hz/10A (Dedicated Breaker)
Material304 Stainless Steel

*Actual speed depends on product flow, target weight, and the speed of the attached filling equipment.

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