ELC EX Series High Speed Twin Servo V.F.F.S Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine

ELC EX Series High Speed Twin Servo V.F.F.S Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine

ELC Advanced Technology with Stainless Steel Frame / Cabinet. ELC EX Model is an Intermittent Motion, Single Jaw V.F.F.S. Bagmaker.

Product Information


  • Film registration is controlled by a highly accurate single position photo eye, no position adjustment is required by the operator other than lateral adjustments for different web widths. Cut-off position and lateral adjustments can be made by the operator on the fly via the computer touch screen during production.
  • One-piece bag former, quickly changes with no tools.
  • Hot printer or TTO printer and film feeding system synchronously working together.
  • PLC controller with touch screen interface for easy operation.
  • Servo motor for film pulling and sealing jaws.
  • Safety switch on doors.
  • Stainless steel for excellent durability and sanitation.
  • Speeds up to 100 bags per minute, actual packaging speed is determined by bag size, film material and the speed of combined filling equipment.

EX Series Specs - (larger options available)

Max. film width15.74in
(400 mm)
Bag Width*2.37-7.48in
Bag Length1.97-9.05in
Max. Packing Speed**100bpm90bpm85bpm
Power Supply220V, 60HZ, 3.5kW220V, 60HZ, 4.0kW220V, 60HZ, 4.5kW
Air Request88psi, 8cuft/min88psi, 8cuft/min88psi, 8cuft/min
Outer Dimensions51.19*37.8*45.28in61.03*45.67*58.27in63*49.61*66.15in

*Bag with range will vary based on the back seal type and width.

**Actual packaging speed depends on bag size, film material, product flow, and the speed of the attached filling equipment.

***May vary with different options.

Optional Devices

  • Nitrogen gas flushing
  • Gusset device
  • Air expeller
  • Hole punch device
  • Tear notch device
  • Material stopper
  • Custom programs
  • Bag support
  • PE sealing system
  • Vacuum packing device
  • Flip device
  • Static charge eliminator
  • 4 lines folding device
  • Film tracking device
  • Special sealing jaws

Bag styles

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